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There has been unprecedented transformation in the IT infrastructure market. Due to the clutter, complexity, and significant costs, many organizations are looking to simplify. This desire to reduce overall infrastructure costs and simplify IT has driven the adoption of convergence and software-defined networks and data centers.

With the rise of convergence, instead of managing many boxes from many vendors, converged infrastructure products combine compute, networking, and storage components into one integrated solution, eliminating much of the complexity. However, in many cases, there are still some limitations. One of the areas we’ve seen as a limitation continues to be costs – particularly when there are multiple sites involved. While hyperconverged solutions are lower cost than traditional solutions, it can still be cost-prohibitive to deploy hyperconverged when more than one location is involved.

This is where Comstor, Cisco and StorMagic come in. We have recently come together to solve this issue for customers, who are looking for high-availability and simplified management on a lean IT budget.

Click here too see one example of how Dave became an “IT Zero” and Larry became an “IT Hero” with a more efficient storage implementation.

The solution is based on StorMagic SvSAN software-defined storage and Cisco C-series and is available on the Cisco GPL.. This combination can lower your customer’s total cost of ownership by 40 percent. Here is how we do it:

  • No more physical SANs. The solution uses the storage already within the servers.
  • Enables business-critical workloads, leveraging only two servers per site – no single point of failure.
  • Central provisioning and management of all sites with standard tools already in use.
  • Works with vSphere and Hyper-V.

When talking with end users that have more than one location – here are some questions that can help lead to a Comstor/StorMagic win:

  • Are your remote sites virtualized or are you considering virtualizing them?
  • Is application uptime important at these remote sites?
  • Do you have physical SANs at your remote sites?
  • Do you have an established server refresh cycle?

Click to learn more about SvSAN with Cisco E-Series servers or C-Series servers.