Giving Thanks for the Cisco Community


2021 posed a significant challenge for many across the IT Channel, chief among them the realization that the immediate effects of the ongoing pandemic were not short-term issues, but instead long-term changes. Adapting to this required many people in the ecosystem to work together to provide partners with the tools they needed to deliver effective solutions to all end-users. The Cisco community came together to do just that.

This Thanksgiving, EDGE360 reflected on some of the great contributions from across the channel and wanted to give thanks for everything everyone has done. Here are just a few thanks we are truly grateful for this year:

The People and the Teams:
To truly succeed in the channel requires an excellent team. Whether it is through the expertise or their ability to help forge a connection, EDGE360 has had the pleasure of talking with many of the SYNNEX Comstor teams that enable and empower partners to thrive in a rapidly changing IT ecosystem.

Whether it is Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS), Marketing, Distribution and Channel Sales, Small Businesses, or Customer Experience, there is a team that is ready and willing to join a partner and provide the award-winning service that means better business with an end-user. EDGE360 also had the pleasure of talking with the next generation of IT Channel professionals in the Discovery Representative Program and learning more about how SYNNEX Comstor is preparing its new staff for the future.

The Partners:
When it comes to thriving in the channel, being able to dip into multiple sources of income is crucial. Partners have always been active participants with SYNNEX Comstor’s efforts to bolster business, but a recently launched incentive piqued the interest of several partners. Designed to reward partners for participating in the ecosystem, EDGE Bingo offers a simple way to sell Cisco across architectures and get rewarded for it along the way.

Finding ways to benefit partners in the short- and long-term is one of the many ways that SYNNEX Comstor is working to help partners, but ultimately it is the partners who have to participate, and thankfully they do. This incentive runs through January, or until the first 12 partners claim: BINGO!

The Training and Support:
There is no doubt that creating a strong Cisco community, requires that all of us are in it together. This is why SYNNEX Comstor has committed to enabling partners through its EDGE programs and training series. Throughout the year, the SYNNEX Comstor team gathers its experts, taps into Cisco and industry professionals, and shares content that EDGE partners can put into their toolbox as they grow their Cisco practice areas.

To simplify your path to success, check out the latest Cisco Architecture Training schedule here, SYNNEX Comstor EDGE Webinar series schedule here, or Cisco 101 Webinar series here.

The Drive to Give Back:
The first Share the Magic Colorado Charity Golf Tournament was a great success in enabling the SYNNEX Comstor team to raise funds to give back to the community. The tourney, along other fund-raising campaigns, benefitted the Hope for the Warriors veterans organization and the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation. All of that goodness has motivated teams across SYNNEX Comstor to continue to look for ways to give back to their community throughout the year. We appreciate that giving spirit!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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