Gain Visibility to all of Your Cisco Software Across Your Organization


Organizations of every size know the pain of managing software licenses. In today’s digital world, the amount of licenses required can be overwhelming, even for small organizations. The number can grow seemingly exponentially as the organization grows. That pain is soon going to be alleviated for those who hold Cisco licenses; however, as the tech giant moves all of its licenses to Smart Accounts.

Cisco Smart Accounts is a cloud-based software license management system that allows you to see, maintain and control access to all of your Cisco software licenses and entitlements across your organization. With its easy-to-use interface, you can see everything on your network. Not just your local network, but you’ll be able to see the global network, from headquarters to a subsidiary.

The end user and the reseller both have a Smart Account, and any licenses are loaded into the system and easily pushed into the box, eliminating the need to manually load the software onto the system. In addition to eliminating the time it takes to enter new licenses manually, Smart Accounts eliminates confusion surrounding the number or type of licenses held. Unfortunately, many users throw paper copies away because they weren’t quite sure what to do with them. If something came up, the burden of retrieving those licenses sometimes fell on the VAR.

When electronic licenses were in use, they were sometimes sent to the wrong , creating the same scenario in which the recipient didn’t quite know what to do with them. So, you guessed it, they threw them away.

Another problem that is being eliminated with Smart Accounts is not knowing the full scope of licenses your organization holds. In fact, sometimes more licenses are purchased than are truly needed, resulting in wasting company resources. With Smart Account, you can easily see all the licenses you own, and the record doesn’t disappear even when the license expires, which is very important for auditing purposes.

With this insight, you can also tell what licenses are truly used and whether re-purchasing or re-assigning is necessary. Once a license is uploaded into Smart Accounts, you can control it and move it to where it needs to go.
Key Benefits of Smart Accounts:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Maximized Software ROI
  • Reduced Potential Downtimes

Having visibility into your network through Smart Accounts is a game-changer, with all the options available for private, public or hybrid cloud, and the ability for developer operations to purchase what they need and add it onto the network quickly and easily. Soon, everyone will realize that if you can’t see those things and don’t have visibility into your network, you’re going to be falling behind the competition.

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