Four Key Takeaways from Cisco Live Partner Xperience: Accelerating and Enabling Growth


In his recent Cisco Partner blog, John Moses shared his key takeaways from the Partner Xperience, which he hosted at Cisco Live. The events focused on education and offering networking and opportunities for discussions on accelerating and enabling growth with Cisco partners, customers and colleagues. Moses said four themes stood out to him during Cisco Live. Here’s a quick snapshot:

Industry and vertical approach
According to Moses, digitization is changing how partners do business. As a result, Moses says, “We will continue to see Cisco and APO focus on delivering an industry-specific strategy with our partner ecosystem to capitalize on disruption within digital transformation. But for now, partners should be looking to see how they can transform to be industry experts with the help of other partner types.”

Digital transformation is happening now with every customer
The sheer number of devices that are connecting every hour is growing, accelerating the speed of business and the pace of innovation, Moses observes. This, coupled with customers looking to deliver an “exceptional end-customer experience” creates an opportunity for Cisco and its partners to focus on consistently aligning technology solutions to business outcomes.

Consistency and monetizing simplicity
Moses believes that “for organizations that need to transform quickly, consistency will be an important factor, as well as the platform to deliver a simplified experience.” To do this, Moses says that partner-to-partner and multi-partner teaming will be paramount. Multi-partner commitment is key.

Moses observed that one of the most consistent themes across the event was the need for partner-to-partner and mutli-partner teaming. “Delivering simple experiences for customers truly does take an ecosystem,” he writes. “Our customers need solutions and a partner-to-partner approach will get us there.” Want to learn how to get started? Read Moses’ full post about Cisco Live and the Partner Xperience here.

Next year’s Partner Xperience is set for June 11-13, 2019. Learn more about it here.


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