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As government contractors gear up for the final months of the federal fiscal year, there are opportunities to capture federal budget priorities during the federal buying season. In this second episode of the “Federal Race to the Finish,” Larry sits down with Bryant G. Tow, Managing Partner of CyberRisk Solutions , to discuss the technology areas that have already captured federal budget priorities and dollars for FY’18.

Cyber security is one particular technology area that is currently capturing federal budget priorities. The Strengthening of Cyber Security of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure, a Presidential Executive Order that was signed recently, ensures there is a risk assessment and mitigation plan for agencies across the board within 60 days. The order notes that federal agencies have accepted antiquated and difficult–to-defend IT for far too long. Not only do federal agencies need to protect the IT and data currently in place, but they must modernize and develop a plan to identify risk and quickly remediate it.

The order calls for “agency heads to lead integrated teams of senior executives with expertise in IT, security, budgeting, acquisition, law, privacy, and human resources.” Within 90 days of the order being signed, each agency head is required to provide a risk management report to the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) outlining a risk mitigation strategy along with operational and budgetary considerations.

“As these reports come out, it will be a roadmap for agencies, making it very clear what needs to be done on the tactical side of security,” said Tow. “Agencies heads will be held accountable by someone who has a catch phrase of ‘You’re Fired!’ resulting in a lot of pressure on these federal agency leaders.”

The outcomes of these reports are opportunities for VARs and government contractors looking to support the agencies in their cyber and physical security efforts. Typically, security is regulated at the IT level, however, there are multiple layers of vulnerability including employee awareness, policy work and vendor management for example that go beyond just the technology. Tow stresses that a holistic approach is needed to ensure that agencies are successfully strengthening the security of their networks and infrastructure.

Listen to this full episode in the “Federal Race to the Finish” series for more insights to consider as you race toward those last remaining federal dollars for FY1’8 federal buying season.

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