Federal Race to the Finish Episode 4: How Marketers Can Get Ahead At the End of Federal Buying Season


With the end of federal buying season just a few months away, there are still some steps marketers can take to get in front of customers now and help drive business before the end of FY’17. In this fourth episode of the “Federal Race to the Finish” podcast series, Larry Allen, President of Allen Federal Partners, sits down with Mark Amtower, Principal and Founder of Amtower & Co., to discuss some of the most critical steps government contractors should take to market themselves now and in the future.

It should be no secret that collaboration between marketing, sales, and business development is perhaps the most important element of success in closing a sale. However, many organizations still operate in silos and miss this key component. Amtower suggests, “Business development and sales should know all of the resources that marketing has available to them. It’s essential that content like white papers, case studies, and webinars are out there in the field and sales teams know exactly what’s available when talking with customers.“

Amtower says that year round, marketing and sales should work together in a “hand and glove” kind of way so that by the end of fiscal year, they can identify any last key marketing events that may be pertinent to them. Because there are always new things that pop up last minute, marketers must decide which ones should actually be executed upon.

As a best practice, Amtower advises, “marketing can provide a cheat sheet so those out in the field know exactly what’s available. The cheat sheet can be categorized by vertical so when somebody is having a conversation with a prospect or current client trying to develop more business, you know exactly where to send them to educate them on what your company does and the overall issues that are being faced in a specific area.”

Listen to this full episode in the “Federal Race to the Finish” series for more marketing guidance from Mark Amtower below.


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