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It wasn’t too long ago that IT resellers were simply order takers.  Working with distributors and manufacturers, IT resellers were able to review customer requirements and fulfill the order at a compelling price. Today’s environment is very different – it’s more about the customer experience and developing a relationship with the customer built on trust and reliability. As a value-added distributor, Comstor has long embraced a customer-experience approach to supporting VARs with progression and enablement programs.

Price and product will no longer differentiate VARs. They must a adapt to a new way of building relationships and trust with the customer throughout the buying journey.  This “new way” of approaching business is something the Comstor team knows well. In fact, in being a dynamic value partner, Comstor has long embraced an approach to excelling in the customer experience.

And, through the EDGE program, Comstor helps VARs do the same. In addition to helping VARs get to know Cisco and its Cisco solutions better, Comstor helps VARs of all sizes to engage, develop, grow, or extend their Cisco business. The company does it through free trainings, support for certifications, and much more in the EDGE program.

Watch this video to see how the EDGE program works: