Enabling Meetings of the Future with Cisco Spark


More than $37 billion is wasted every year on unproductive meetings due to unengaged employees, lack of structure, and multitasking. We’ll say it again: $37 billion…wasted.

Bad remote connections, poor planning, inadequate meeting facilities – these contributors and others combine to drain the enthusiasm and attention of attendees.  With collaboration tools such Cisco Spark Board, meeting leaders and attendees can get right to business.

The newest additions to the Cisco Spark Portfolio, the Cisco Spark Room Kit and Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus, aims to revolutionize meeting productivity. The kits use automation and intelligence to remove the frustration and delays you’ve experienced with many meeting room technologies

Spark Board users can wirelessly present, white board, and video or audio conference, all at the touch of a finger. In addition, the Cisco Spark app can be utilized to connect to virtual teams outside the physical room, through any device.

Research has shown that collaboration tools like Cisco Spark can be used to increase meeting effectiveness. With the advent of these advanced tools, we thought it would be beneficial to share a few tips for setting up a smarter meeting room. Here are some things you and your customers may want to consider:

  • No meeting room is the same. Identify what the meeting room will be used for so it’s set up appropriately. For example, huddle rooms may not require video conferencing while a large board room may need more than one screen to stream the video.
  • Know your team’s working style. Some meetings may require employees to split up in small groups while others work together collectively in a large space.
  • Position the presenter in an optimal location. Normally, the presenter is front and center, but in some cases he or she may need to be in the middle of the room or perhaps closer to a phone.
  • Consider any other special circumstances. If confidential information is being discussed in your meeting, your room may need to be located further away from employees for additional privacy. In addition, you may need to setup additional security protocols on the conference line.

Knowing this information in advance of your meeting will help you ensure you have the right tools and equipment setup prior to the start of the meeting rather than while it’s taking place, in turn, creating a more productive work environment.

Do you have questions about Cisco Spark Board?  Please contact Patrick Purtell, Comstor Collaboration Product Manager, at 303.801.8013 or patrick.purtell@comstor.com.


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