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Quality products and a little charm are no longer enough to keep pace in today’s increasingly competitive world. Fueled by new demands during the pandemic, IT certifications have become essential for distribution partners to keep up with evolving trends while setting themselves apart and remaining successful. In addition to opening up doors of opportunity for businesses, IT certifications boost confidence and job satisfaction, according to the 2021 Value of IT Certification reports study, which surveyed 29,000 IT candidates. Many people are aware of the benefits of certifications but are concerned about the additional costs and time involved. We’ll look at why certifications matter and three of the biggest advantages to becoming Cisco certified.

Investing time and money into a certification is largely driven by education; through certification, candidates gain extensive knowledge of products and insight into how to best achieve goals. Many courses and study guides are available to help partners learn more about the tools and solutions their customers desire. One such course that takes an in-depth look at the technical aspects of these products is TD SYNNEX’s Cisco (SMBTO) Technical Training for Select Certification. It prepares distributors to take the Cisco 700-755 exam by comprehensively examining Cisco wireless positioning and Cisco Business, as well as Cisco Designed products. As technology continues to advance velociously, IT suppliers must understand the ins and outs of the products they offer to provide innovative and supportive solutions using the latest technology.

Furthermore, the certification itself is a badge that serves as proof of knowledge to the world. Businesses want to work with the most informed distributors to get their customers’ most relevant and useful products. “You prepare, learn new concepts, take a tough but fair exam, then use the certification to validate that you’re ready to tackle all of the challenges a particular technology can throw at you,” explained Jose Bogarin, an IT services company owner in Costa Rica with 24 Cisco certifications. Certifications are an easy way for distributors to add universal validation and credibility, signaling to others that they have the knowledge and commitment to go the extra mile.

Beyond the knowledge and global recognition, Cisco partners with certifications also have access to better opportunities. Jackson Grise, Product Business Manager for Cisco Meraki at TD SYNNEX, pointed out that with the Cisco Select certification, partners have access to financial incentives, NFR, Cisco Capita offers, marketing resources, and the Cisco partner ecosystem. This is the first big step in profitability and where distribution partners begin to see the reward for their investment in Cisco.

The benefits of certifications are well worth the extra time and money it takes to obtain them. The advantages they provide to customers are also valuable to distributors.  Through more knowledgeable partners, customers can elevate their businesses with progressive and innovative solutions, while distributors can benefit from new business and rewards from current clients. It’s clearly a win-win, but how can distributors make the first move to certification? With TD SYNNEX, our Cisco DAP assigned partners have access to various pieces of training, support, and resources to assist with the journey to obtaining a Select certification. Learning and improving through certification is an investment with a guaranteed return.

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