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The IT Channel is a highly competitive ecosystem where success is separated from failure by a combination of skills, and the most important among them is knowledge. In the fast-changing IT environment of today, knowing the latest information about what partners need is a key necessity to retain old business and attract new, which TD SYNNEX hopes to make easier with the latest innovation of its EDGE Focus Tool (EFT): The EFT Mobile App.

Several years ago, SYNNEX Comstor (now TD SYNNEX) launched the EFT, an innovation designed to bring increased accessibility to EDGE partners navigating the Cisco landscape. With that tool, partners were able to quickly make decisions based on the latest information and, ultimately, succeed in the IT Channel.

While that central conceit has remained the same throughout the mobile application development, Saxton Barnes, Supervisor, Product Business Management at TD SYNNEX, shared that there have been many changes designed to bring a better user experience to mobile users.

“I would say that the EFT has evolved exponentially since its inception,” Barnes told EDGE360. “We sought to create a solution that would allow 24/7 access to our partners’ important Cisco information, which we were able to do. Now, we have taken it even further with this most recent iteration.”

Barnes noted that the EFT Mobile App was designed from the ground up for EDGE Partners. While converting a desktop application into a mobile one is already a complicated process, “we wanted to go beyond that,” Barnes continued. “We really wanted to make sure that this system continued to iterate on the successes of the EFT from before and ensure it was providing the services that our partners need to thrive.”

Among the innovations Barnes shared, he drew particular attention to the ability to calculate rebate estimates for specific deals with the VIP Rebate Calculator. “We heard that this was something that was needed, so we worked to give them the ability to calculate what they can expect to earn or could be missing out on based on the certifications and specializations they hold.”

“We have also centralized all of our partners’ Cisco information into a user-friendly dashboard,” Barnes said. “We know how important that information is for our partners, and we wanted to ensure quick access to vital information around their entire Cisco practice.” Barnes noted that this feature came from conversations with partners who have struggled to navigate the Cisco landscape. He said that “giving our partners the access and support they need to maintain their Cisco practice was one of the main driving forces behind the creation of the application.”

“Whether on the app, on their desktop, or over the phone, partners should know that we are committed to giving them the best user experience on all platforms.” – Saxton Barnes

Another feature of the EFT Mobile App that Barnes highlighted was its alert system. This feature was designed to remind partners of expiring certifications and renewal options. “We added these alerts to help partners at the company and the individual level make sure they are always ready to sell the latest innovations.”

Though the last three years have been a challenge for many, Barnes is confident that TD SYNNEX will continue to create and innovate solutions like the EFT Mobile App to help partners thrive. “EDGE Partners can expect the same level of support that they have from the EDGE Team no matter how they may seek it out,” Barnes said.

“Whether on the app, on their desktop, or over the phone, partners should know that we are committed to giving them the best user experience on all platforms,” Barnes said. “The EFT Mobile App is one of the latest ways that TD SYNNEX is evolving, and we will continue to improve our partners’ TD SYNNEX and Cisco experiences for as long as we can.”

To download the new EDGE Focus Tool Mobile App for iOS, click here.

For the Android version, click here.