#EDGE2016: IT Security Must Be A 360-Degree Approach In Today’s Threat Environment


This week’s #EDGE2016 conference in Key Largo is a great opportunity for Comstor leadership to meet with Cisco representatives, Westcon leadership, partners and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to discuss the hottest topics in tech today. One of the hottest topics for customers today is IT security. CIOs and CSOs are grappling with how to secure their organizations in this Internet of Everything age, where everything is connected. EDGE360 recently spoke with David McGillivray, managing partner of Vizionary Consulting Group, to get his perspective on staying on top of today’s threat environment.

One of the biggest concerns McGillivray hears from the partner/end user community is how to choose from the multiple approaches available to create the best, most comprehensive security solution for today’s complex threat environment. In today’s environment, McGillivray says a company can be breached through “non-traditional” channels, so protecting against an outside threat might not be enough. Organizations need a more comprehensive 360-degree offering around security. “It’s no longer just securing your own IT for your company, but you also have to ensure that suppliers and others who are plugged into your network are also secure,” McGillivray tells us.

With the Comstor JetStream offering, partners can create a security solution that allows end customers to react efficiently and effectively to breaches by well-organized hackers. Through JetStream, you have a tool that will notify you of sudden activity through your HVAC system, McGillivray explained. It may normally not have much activity beyond occasional system adjustments and then see a burst of traffic onto the network. He said that businesses need security incident and event monitoring, as well as plans for quick, effective responses that will protect your business without slowing things down too much.

“With JetStream – you can see where traffic is coming from and then cut off that access while you figure out what is going on,” he explained. “That needs to be tailored to meet a specific business’s requirements.”

Listen to the podcast to hear more about the advice McGillivray has for VARs who are trying to create a comprehensive security solution for their end users’ security response plans.


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