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Educators around the country continue to face increasing challenges while adjusting to more robust remote education programs. From finding ways to interact with students to utilizing seamless communications technology, educators have had to adapt, and they have done so admirably. Knowing that remote education is not going away any time soon, Cisco is committed to finding ways to continue improving the experience for both educators and their students via WebexOne.

In the upcoming EDGE Webinar scheduled for February 10t, Cisco Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Global Marketing, Collaboration, Aruna Ravichandran, will describe the latest WebexOne software and how it can enable educators the world over. With innovative capabilities that empower remote work and create a safe hybrid experience, WebexOne is a powerful offering that all partners and VARs should learn more about.

Ravichandran brings to the webinar her 20+ years of experience in marketing and management, as well as her passion for leveraging thought leadership to make a direct impact on company growth. Her focus on Software-as-a-Service and digital marketing will make this webinar a must-attend for those involved in the Public Sector IT Channel.

“The workforce is evolving, and the nature and style of work are also changing. There is an explosion of unstructured work, and agility is the need of the hour,” Ravichandran said in a previous conversation with EDGE360. There is a demand from partners for integrated technology across the economy and for the ability to be more agile and make decisions faster.

Join Ravichandran and other members of the Cisco Partner community in learning more about what public sector users can gain from WebexOne. Understanding how to target the platform to educators and institutions of higher learning will be critical to succeeding in bringing this technology to those who can benefit the most from it.

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