Dynamic Value Partnerships are the Path to Success for VARs


The EDGE Conference this week is all about the Comstor team presenting ways that we can enable our top reseller partners in transforming their businesses and building a bridge to the new world of recurring revenue streams through managed services and cloud-based offerings. When we meet with some of our key partners at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado, we will share with them ways to make their Cisco business more profitable.

It is important to know that in today’s hyper-competitive market we believe – and have been saying for more than two years – that the concept of Dynamic Value Partnerships (DVP) is critical to success. We are not the only ones saying this. Our strategy was validated by Cisco at their Partner Summit in Montreal in April.

In light of this burgeoning strategy, we urge our value added resellers to move to a model in which they partner with other companies dynamically to quickly meet their customers’ business needs. During the EDGE Conference, David McNicholas , our Director of US Strategic Markets, will present on DVP and share how Comstor can be a DVP for you as well as link you into an ecosystem of DVP professionals to create what you need for your business. As you will hear from David, some potential DVPs may be competitors at times, but they could also provide you with an arm into managed services, for example.

We also believe our partners need not care about what factory is making a product, but rather must approach a DVP from how they can wrap their value around a product and create a machine that is effective at sales and services. Along those lines, James Vandervelden, managing partner of Pleasant Bay Capital Partners, will present on Maximizing the Value of Your VAR Business and will validate the concept of leveraging partnerships to execute as opposed to building it yourself. He also will share how creating a DVP can actually increase the value of your company.

The bottom line that we want our reseller partners to take away from this year’s EDGE Conference is that Comstor can help you with your business today, and we can help you with your business tomorrow. We can help you bridge the gap between those two worlds and enable to create a hybrid capability in the marketplace that you will need to succeed in the future.

Our strategy is working because we focus on profitable partnerships and making sure there is a win-win no matter who the partner might be. We are standing at the ready to help our reseller partners continue to grow a profitable Cisco practice.

We can’t wait to talk with them and hear more about their business and get their feedback during this week’s conference.

To learn more about the event click here to view the conference schedule.


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