Distribution to Federal Markets Creates a Paragon of Precision


Over the past 16 years, I’ve been focused on IT distribution and half of that time was specific to the federal government market. That’s why I’m so excited to have joined Comstor as the new Regional Manager for Federal Sales and I’m looking forward to my first Federal Summit, as I see a significant opportunity in this market.

From Veterans Affairs to your local institute of higher learning, the federal and SLED markets are ripe with opportunity as long as one can navigate the turbulent waters inherent to those markets. In addition to being the largest employer in the world, the U.S. Federal Government’s budget for 2016 is an astounding $4 trillion dollars. It is easy to see that the federal market holds a lot of opportunity for those willing to tread those waters. Make no mistake however, successful entry into the federal market takes patience, expertise, and significant investment.

Someone asked me what I am most excited about with regards to my new role at Comstor. What I quickly noticed throughout the interviewing process was the great culture Comstor exudes. There is a playful happiness combined with a staunch dedication to professionalism and excellence that drew me in. In addition, I truly believe that I as an individual can affect true change and make a difference from within. It is a very rare environment that allows for both the autonomy and the confidence in its employees to go out and create positive change within the channel. I chose to stay in the federal market because I enjoy the complexities that come along with the federal and SLED entities as well as knowing that I am playing some small part in helping to solve the problems facing our country. Every solution Comstor brings to the market with our partners is a step in the advancement of our nation.

I also wanted to touch on some of the expectations I have with the upcoming, and my first, Federal Summit. In addition to the great Comstor speakers we have such as David McNicholas and Ken Bast, I’m also very excited to hear from our Cisco counterparts on Cisco’s federal channel, the supply chain, and security in the federal market. In addition, Comstor is bringing Larry Allen and Jeff Smith in as consultants to talk about the current federal market report as well as about trends in the federal space.

Most of all however, I am excited to meet the partners Comstor goes to market with and hear about their successes and challenges. I want to understand their business so that I can bring Comstor’s value to bear in meaningful and impactful ways. I look forward to bringing all of the tools at my disposal, which are considerable, to each partner in a unique way that does three things: 1) increases their revenue, 2) increases their margins and 3) extends their reach into new entities and opportunities.

To register for this year’s Comstor Executive Federal Summit, please click here.


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