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{Editor’s Note: This article was authored by Sarah Marshall Nowell, Distribution Marketing Manager at Cisco. She highlights the DEMANDSolv solution for marketers, which provides SYNNEX Comstor partners with customized Cisco content that can be tailored and shared across multiple social platforms and campaigns with just a few clicks of a button.}  

When you wake up in the morning and turn on your coffee maker, you are flicking on an automated device. One that, when full, delivers a steaming cup of joe that not only fills your senses of similar mornings with family and friends but also gets you through those sluggish first moments of the day.  

Our world is full of automation. Our vehicles, the electronic signs on the highway, and more and more jobs. We live in a society where we strive to do more in less time than ever before. We also pile more responsibilities on, especially for small business owners, so while you’re working on selling new solutions, you’re also the CFO and the marketing manager.  

SYNNEX is ready to help you take all your marketing worries off your plate with DEMANDSolv™. This solution is here to make your marketing activities easier by providing you with step-by-step marketing content.  

Solv’ing your Marketing Needs 

When you sign up for this benefit that’s complimentary for any SYNNEX partner, you get content marketing that will help you build your business. With DEMANDSolv™, you’ll be able to:  

  • Easily share content across social channels, email, and your website or blog 
  • Receive campaigns, sales tools, and training materials 
  • Publish content automatically or after review  
  • Find out how they can increase sales leads and marketing-sourced revenue growth 

The solution automatically sends notifications weekly by mobile app or email. Also, with a few easy clicks, you’ll be able to generate new sales opportunities.  

Lead Scoring Solv’ed  

Within the DEMDANDSolv solution, you will receive extensive reporting and lead scoring, which makes it a complete marketing system.  

Since launching the solution, SYNNEX partners have reported a 40 percent increase in sales and a 225 percent increase in sales leads when utilizing this solution. 

Cisco portfolio Solv’ed 

SYNNEX is invested in supporting the expanding demand for Cisco product marketing assets. This solution is open to current Cisco Small Business partners and new partners. DEMANDSolv makes it easy to get started and learn more about Cisco solutions to meet your customer needs.  

This solution has helped many users improve their relationships and engagement with their customers and prospects since it provides a consistent contact and opportunity for conversation and revenue.  

The DEMAND you need 

Whether you work for a corporation or are a one-person band in your small business, there’s never been a better time to sign up. SYNNEX’s Client Success team will be ready to walk you through a personalized demo to help you get started and to show you content that aligns with your business.  

You’re already using a robot to vacuum your house, why not let SYNNEX and Cisco help you automate your marketing activities too?   

Sign Up for your free account today and start solv’ing your company marketing needs.