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Offering businesses state-of-the-art, innovative, and useful products is often only half of what it takes to make the sale. Without effective marketing, these products get lost in a sea of commerce and competition. What can VARs and partners do? According to experts from TD SYNNEX, it’s all about utilizing thought leadership and demand generation marketing solutions like Cisco’s Radius Digital.

Over the course of the last two years, many in the channel have seen the positive impacts of thought leadership and educational sessions, from providing more confidence when deciding to buy to creating stronger relationships between distributors. Demand generation marketing has proven itself to be an effective way to generate leads and strengthen customer relationships for Cisco partners.

To further increase the benefits and to help more across the channel to experience them, TD SYNNEX and Cisco have put more focus on programs like Cisco’s Radius Digital. Created to help partners address an uptick in the demand for information, this innovative program gives partners the tools to help conceptualize and execute localized webinars that bring in a large audience of attainable customers.

The goal of a webinar is not to sell a product but to educate the consumers through thought leadership. This example of demand gen marketing establishes trust and highlights the distributor’s role as not only an expert but also an educator.

Cisco’s Partner Demand Generation Program is leading the industry for America’s Distribution, according to John Brookbank, Vice President, Americas Distribution Sales at Cisco. “To assist Cisco’s two-Tier partners, this program helps to drive demand and enable their marketing teams,” Brookbank explained in a recent blog.

Digital Marketing Analytics lead-generation works to target and capture lead information using award-winning, cutting-edge analytic tools like the MRP Prelytix tool. Marketing campaign management with a partner-dedicated marketing manager allows for personalized content and engaging campaigns. The other two main capabilities are for small business-focused campaign management and enablement and additional distribution-specific programs. The Demand Generation Program aims to give the tools, resources, and team support to assist the distributor’s success in bringing in new leads. 

More than 600 Cisco partners participate in the Demand Generation Program, and 20 percent of those participate in more than one of the programs offered. Brookbanks states, “The Americas Distribution team strives to fuel partner success through supporting distributors.” Helping distributors market effectively creates a winning situation for everyone. And in a world overloaded with information, it’s more important than ever that those marketing efforts are relevant and meaningful.

Embracing thought leadership is proving to be essential for consumers. Thankfully there are ample ways to integrate demand gen marketing into existing marketing plans, and the experts at TD SYNNEX are more than ready to help.

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