Cybersecurity Skills Taught Through Passage Program Aim to Close Skill Gap


The world is expected to spend $10.5 trillion annually on cyberattacks by 2025, and in that same year, 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will remain unfilled. As the threat of cyberattacks escalates, the skill gap needed to combat these attacks is widening. “To address this gap, TD SYNNEX is committed to delivering best in-class security offerings, and our Passage Program is a key initiative in achieving this goal,” Tracy Holtz, Vice President of Security Solutions, North America at TD SYNNEX, shared. Launched in 2022, the Passage Program aims to help TD SYNNEX distribution partners develop their cybersecurity skills and connect with qualified cybersecurity talent.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022 is wrapping up, but in no way is the end of October indicative of cybersecurity issues dying down. People rely on technology to do more and store more data, so keeping up with the best ways to protect that technology is essential. Unfortunately, despite this knowledge, the massive gap in cybersecurity skills is still growing. According to a recent study by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), the “top ramifications of the skills shortage include an increased workload for the cybersecurity team (62 percent), unfilled open job requisitions (38 percent), and high burnout among staff (38 percent).”

This global issue is causing businesses to scramble to find qualified and competent cybersecurity talent in a dwindling pool. TD SYNNEX wanted to help its partners get the best talent with the most competent cybersecurity skills without the fight. Delivered through the TD SYNNEX Cyber Range, the Passage Program provides technical training to help advance IT cybersecurity careers. The TD SYNNEX Cyber Range is ahead of the game as the first cybersecurity training facility hosted by an IT distributor. Those who are interested can choose between two tracks: the Placement Initiative and the Upskill Initiative.

The Placement Initiative is designed to provide training and resources for candidates to grow and move into new jobs. For distributors, this initiative helps strengthen internal cybersecurity teams by providing a large talent pool for hiring. Instead of relying on hiring websites or competing with other companies that are hiring similar roles, those who utilize the Placement Initiative are provided a knowledgeable pool of candidates with the right cybersecurity skills. Candidates are provided with skills training, industry knowledge, career consulting, and a final job readiness assessment as part of the program. Through the initiative, candidates will be placed into cybersecurity roles that align with their acquired skills. Currently, the Placement Initiative supports career readiness and job placement for Security Operations Center (SOC) Tier 1 Analyst and Junior Penetration Tester roles.

The other track, the Upskill Initiative, looks to build upon fundamental cybersecurity knowledge and technical skills. Available to all TD SYNNEX partners, this initiative helps support current talent as they enhance and grow their knowledge to address evolving and advancing cyber threats. More than 50 years of TD SYNNEX Cyber Range expertise will ensure that candidates are thoroughly vetted for job readiness and other requirements. As with the Placement Initiative, the Upskill Initiative currently supports job readiness and development for SOC Tier 1 Analyst and Junior Penetration Tester Roles.

Halloween marks the final day of Cybersecurity Awareness Month this year, as it does every year. While most are focused on cybersecurity “tricks” that continue to create expensive and messy problems, as TD SYNNEX distribution partners, don’t forget the “treats” provided by the Passage Program. To learn more about the Passage Program and how to get involved, click here.


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