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Heading into 2019, the EDGE360 editorial team spoke with our regular contributors to get their thoughts on what they expect will be the biggest trends this year. We spoke with Bryant G. Tow, Managing Principal of CyberRisk Solutions, a security consultant firm focused on security strategy, operations and managed services. Tow told EDGE360 that, like other areas, cybersecurity will move in the direction of using artificial intelligence (AI) in 2019. That, in turn, will lead cybercriminals toward AI. Read what else he shared here:

EDGE360: Do you anticipate anything similar to GDPR or other regulation coming to fruition in 2019?

Tow: When these types of compliance targets start to formulate, there’s typically a year or so of a runway before they come to fruition. We are not seeing anything in that area right now.

EDGE360: Are there any technologies or updates that you think will change the way companies approach and implement cybersecurity?

Tow: The trend that everybody is talking about in the industry is the AI stuff. Everybody’s pulling AI into operations, and, as a result, into their cyber defense efforts.

EDGE360: What should companies be thinking about or working toward in 2019 in terms of cybersecurity?

Tow: As much as I would like to say that there’s a ‘new thing’ that everybody is doing, the truth is that many companies still need to get to a higher level of cybersecurity maturity. Frankly, until you have clearly defined frameworks around your overall risk matrix, which includes clearly defined processes around technology, people and facilities, talking about a specific technology is really fruitless.

EDGE360: If 2018 was the year of GDPR, how would you complete the following? 2019 will be the year of ___________.

Tow: Artificial intelligence. As everything is moving towards artificial intelligence (AI), especially on the backend of heuristic engines and for predictive analytics, we are going to see this is where the bad guys are going to focus. As you know, as the threat evolves so do the solutions for the threat. Then it’s the solutions that end up becoming portions of the target. So, I think the AI systems are going to end up becoming some of the targets.