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As we reach the third week in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), the EDGE360 team continues to reflect on the most pressing security issues facing organizations.  In our last CyberRisk podcast, Bryant G. Tow spoke with Comstor’s David McNicholas for tips to help VARs stay above the security noise and offer real value to their customers.  This week, we feature the second episode in our podcast series, where Tow speaks with Vincent LaRocca, Principal of Innovative Network Solution, about security issues from the perspective of the C-Suite.

One of the biggest challenges for financial organizations is governance and compliance.  Specifically, LaRocca is seeing a surge in activity in New York, where financial organizations are struggling to keep up with the latest cybersecurity regulations, which went into effect earlier this year. These organizations are overwhelmed by the requirements and pending audits. Many don’t have the security structure in place to ensure that every item on the checklist is being implemented or enforced.

In this podcast, LaRocca and Tow discuss how the audits are conducted and what is required. To overcome the challenges, these experts have seen a shift in the market. Many smaller organizations without an established security team or significant budget investment, are turning to Security-as-a-Service providers to take the burden off of their shoulders.

Listen below to this interesting discussion about the rise of Security-as-a-Service and the top concerns that organizations are facing today.