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As National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) comes to an end, EDGE360 spoke about the evolution of cyber threats with Bryant G. Tow, managing partner of CyberRisk Solutions LLC. According to Tow, 13 years ago, when NCSAM began, cyber security meant having a firewall and anti-virus technology because at that time, people were just trying to see if they could get into networks.

Today, attacks are more sophisticated and attackers – including nation states – are looking for information to buy and sell. Tow said that there are sites where the “common hacker” can make money from zero-day attacks. The people who set up these sites will pay anywhere from $30,000 to $500,000 for them, making it a much more serious business than one in which hackers were just trying to prove they could get onto a system.

In this highly lucrative threat environment, taking a holistic approach and creating the Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) Ring of Security is critical.  “For every single attack vector, there are a different set of threats, which is why we look at security holistically.  I’ve been involved in asymmetric warfare for years, and the old saying is ‘Why do I need to attack a tiger when there are plenty of sheep available for the slaughter?’ Attackers are very sophisticated and know that people are a key vulnerability in the ring of security.”

Tow said that beyond technology and people, processes and facilities are vital to a holistic approach to cyber security.

“Comstor and CyberRisk Solutions realized that there is a very large gap in what is being offered versus what clients are demanding,” he said. “So we offer an enterprise risk management pyramid that includes technology, business continuity planning, compliance targeting and a day-to-day strategy that Comstor partners can offer to their clients immediately.”

Tow explained that CSI teaches value-added resellers (VARs) how to make a sale in which they educate the client and offer an integrated risk management solution to manage costs, maximize assets and increase the client’s revenue.

Tow predicts further evolution of cyber threats and says attackers will become more coordinated and leverage cyber for physical attacks, such as robberies, by leveraging the Internet of Things. He also said that companies of every size are targets if they have bandwidth, processing power and storage.

Hear more from Tow about the evolving threat landscape, the CSI Ring of Security and his predictions for future cyber threats in this podcast.