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Partners of Westcon-Comstor assembled yesterday to kick off CONNECT 2017, in Scottsdale, AZ. The two-day event, themed Partnership in Motion, is an opportunity to focus on networking, growing relationships, and digging into the trends in the industry that will help propel partners to achieve growth.

“Partnership in motion is really all about growth,” Dan Forbes, Director of Business Development for Comstor US, tells us in our latest EDGE360 podcast.  We caught up with Dan before he headed into the second day of the CONNECT event to get his perspective.  He told us that this year’s theme was highlighted by Andrew Warren, EVP, North America, for Westcon-Comstor, during the opening session.  “He took us on a bit of a journey of our business and where it will be going over the next 12 months.” The two areas of transformation highlighted included security and cloud.

These areas were emphasized again during the Westcon-Comstor Leadership panel, where for each of the divisions there was a common thread where growth is accelerating in the areas of cloud. Forbes points out that regardless of division or country, each of the leaders on the panel pointed to security as a pervasive area of growth and cloud as an opportunity that has resulted in a sharp uptick in business.

For partners that are looking to take advantage of these two growth areas, Dan shared with us the key takeaways from Scott McKain’s session.  McKain is an internationally known speaker and author on the “Ultimate Customer Experience,” and shared tips on how partners could stay relevant and differentiate in today’s hyper aware, hyper competitive marketplace.  Dan tells us that the basis of the conversation is that the information age has gone away, and with the ability to instantly access content, customers are moving into a wisdom age where they are looking for a vendor that can provide clarity, creativity, communication and customer experience.

To learn more, listen to the full podcast below: