Comstor Growing Expertise in Four Key Cisco Architecture Areas


Keeping pace in today’s rapidly expanding and evolving world of IT requires focus on what matters to the growth of your core business. In a recent move, Cisco sold its set-top box business to shift focus to cloud and software-based services businesses. Cisco will now be working toward streamlining sales, services and engineering to continue to grow in their four key architectures: Collaboration, Data Center, Enterprise Networking /Mobility, and Security.

Comstor always has been strategically aligned with Cisco and has recently added more expert resources focused on these architectures. These additions will help us to delve even deeper and broader into Cisco’s products, services and strategic outlook. This new hyper-focus is designed to help our valued resellers gain more knowledge in each area and to create a more successful Cisco business.
Our Cisco architecture focused experts continually evaluate their product lines for trends that will help our partners stay at the leading edge of technology.

Collaboration – We are in a state of “back to the future” in collaboration as we combine phone, Telepresence video, cloud collaboration offerings and WebEx to allow for face time with our colleagues. Back in the 90s, it was all about email and conference calls and the desire to eliminate travel through those communication methods. Today, information moves much faster, and we are back to face-to-face meetings (even virtually to save costs) because people want to see their colleagues. We also understand that subtleties, such as humor, don’t always convey easily through email or on a conference call. Using WebEx and Telepresence endpoints, for example, helps to solve that disconnect and creates better opportunities for collaboration.

Data Center – The main trend in data centers is hyper-convergence. Businesses are moving from the hardware rack and stack to using the cloud. Once you create your cloud storage, there are multiple ways to configure it, including on-site, off-site or a hybrid. Experts are predicting that companies will continue to increase their data center presence with many of them moving to an “all cloud” environment. Those offerings will include infrastructure as a service, disaster recovery as a service, desktop as a service and even security as a service.

Enterprise Networking & Mobility – The growth here is wireless, and Cisco offers innovative technology in the wireless space. The company has long been the leader in creating indoor/outdoor solutions that extend high-performance, manageable and secure networks to the enterprise customer for its wireless users. As the world moves toward the Internet of Everything and billions upon billions of wireless devices are connecting to and communicating with enterprise networks worldwide, Comstor is moving at a fast pace to create a solid group of experts in this area to support the networking and mobility needs of our partners.

Security – This is a top priority for anyone in IT today and is the fastest growing architecture. As we all know, the focus on network vulnerability has increased exponentially in the past few years. You need to ensure that your business is just as focused on the security of data as it is on the network infrastructure. The growth in mobile, cloud and many other areas of IT can make it harder to secure your network if you don’t have a solid plan in place to stay a few steps ahead of the bad guys.

This evolution and focus on architectures is strengthening Comstor’s support of Cisco and its efforts. As a result, we believe we can better serve our valued partners in the growth of their businesses.

In the coming months, EDGE360 will feature posts about each of the four architectures from our in-house subject-matter experts. They will share trends, analysis and best practices that our partners can use to strengthen their Cisco business.


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