Coming Soon: EDGE Focus Tool App for SYNNEX Comstor EDGE Partners


As a value-added Cisco Distributor, the SYNNEX Comstor team provides consulting, best practices, education, training and tools for partners looking to get started with Cisco. Whether resellers are just embarking on their Cisco journey, or they’ve already created a growing practice, the EDGE Progression programs are available as a guide of resources along that way.

EDGE Focus Tool
EDGE Focus Tool Fig. 1

Now, SYNNEX Comstor is making it even easier for EDGE partners to map their progress and track successes. The EDGE Focus tool, which was launched in 2019 to enable partners to navigate the complexities of the Cisco ecosystem and align trainings and resources based on specific goals, has now evolved into a mobile application.

Today, EDGE Progression partners can leverage data at their fingertips using an iOS or Android platform, making it even easier to achieve set goals. “We wanted to make it easier for our partners to track their progress from anywhere at any time,” explained Carissa Scholl, Manager of Cisco Enablement Programs for SYNNEX Comstor. “Now with the mobile application, our partners can use their smart devices to make decisions based on the latest information in their portal.”

EDGE Focus Tool
EDGE Focus Tool Fig. 2

With the new application, partners can view at-a-glance any required action that needs to be taken and prioritize where they dedicate their time and energy. They can see how close they are to completing a certification, specialization, or authorization to take action on next steps, and view the latest Cisco incentives and rebates.

In addition, partners have access to current sales and technical enablement content to educate them on the latest Cisco technologies, why they are critical for customers, and how to engage with the end-user to address the business need and outcome.

The EDGE Focus tool is currently only available to current EDGE Progression partners. “Together, we want to enable our partners to achieve the goals that they’ve set up, while providing them with the right tools they need to guide them on their journey and help them grow,” Scholl said. “We are continually evaluating our tools to make sure our partners have what they need for success.”

To learn more about the SYNNEX Comstor EDGE Progression Programs and Tools, click here.


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