Collaboration Technology Allows 70 Percent of People to Work Remotely Across the Globe


Today, 70 percent of people around the globe work remotely at least once a week. This number has grown quickly. In 2012, only about 39 percent worked out of the office. What is sparking this increase? Collaboration technology that enables workers to connect seamlessly from anywhere by video or chat messaging is a key contributing factor. In 2019 we saw considerable growth in the collaboration industry with advancements in speed and video quality. Read on to learn how collaboration technology, like Cisco WebEx, is changing the way we work.

The Changing Workplace

Today’s workplace needs to be connected to function. This means technology that can keep up with busy days, remote workers, and meetings with attendees around the globe. With the improved Cisco WebEx collaboration solution, companies are seeing improved video and instant messaging platforms that help boost productivity.

“The thing about an adoption journey – it’s never really over,” says Bethany Duffrin, Customer Success Manager with Cisco. “While we reached a high peak of user engagement and executive endorsement, we will continue to partner together to enhance the user experience. Technology, especially here at Cisco, is evolving rapidly; every time a new feature is released, there is a new opportunity to engage and further the value in our offerings.”

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Video Collaboration and Digital Transformation

By 2021, 61 percent of the Global2000 will offer co-working and remote work options supported by video collaboration, according to research firm IDC. While many platforms suffer from low-quality video and slow load times, Cisco WebEx contains enterprise collaboration tools that offer high-quality video and instant messaging options along with a video-first approach.

“A lot of today’s meetings are remote, so employees are not traveling as much as they used to. The pressure is on to keep employees interactive in this new type of environment.  When you are not face-to-face, it’s easy to get distracted and do other work on the side, instead of fully engaging in the conversation,” according to Gavin Critchlow, Business Development for Cisco Collaboration at Comstor. “WebEx’s video-first approach gives you the ability to see other people in the room and creates a more interactive environment.”

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Growing Collaboration Market

Cloud collaboration allows virtual and remote users to easily share data, participate in video calls, and engage with one another. As companies grow and embrace the new remote working trend, the need for services that offer easy access and increased productivity is growing.  

Today, more than 80 percent of North American and European companies are using cloud models that support collaboration solutions. In the future, as infrastructure costs increase and the numbers of virtual workers grow, collaboration solutions will be instrumental to business function and company growth.

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Cisco Collaboration Market

Worldwide organizations now have multiple teams in different locations working on the same projects – something that wasn’t possible a few decades ago. The collaboration market and increased connectivity capabilities are driving this change. Aruna Ravichandran, Cisco’s VP and CMO of Collaboration, spoke with ClickZ about the collaboration industry, and what we may see in the future.

“With the entrance of Gen Z, the workforce is evolving, and the nature and style of work is changing. There is an explosion of unstructured work, and agility is the need of the hour,” she has said. “There is demand for integrated technology across business process so that teams can be more agile and make decisions faster. Where you work is becoming irrelevant and the gap between the physical and virtual workspace is blurring.”

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