Cisco’s Intercloud Offers Access to Unmatched Enterprise-Class Portfolio of Cloud IT Services


In his recent Thoughts from the EDGE post, The Cloud: You are Either in it to Win It or are Destined to Fall Behind, Geoff Fancher, Senior Vice President, Comstor US, predicted that cloud offerings will continue to grow in popularity and gain traction. He offered his philosophy about what partners should do to create a successful cloud business and said that Comstor’s options for helping its customers move to the cloud are endless, citing its access to Cisco private cloud offerings, public cloud offerings, hybrid cloud offerings, and open source “network of clouds” offerings through Cisco and its partners.

Fancher also expounded on the Comstor/Cisco partnership in a recent Comstor post, in which he shared that the companies have been discussing the value of what the cloud could bring and working alongside one another to develop new and innovative channel initiatives surrounding it for more than a decade.  He said that the launch of Intercloud took the market by surprise, because Cisco launched the world’s largest network of clouds in collaboration with key partners.  “The idea of a first-of-its-kind open environment featuring APIs for rapid application development promised service providers and resellers could easily access an unmatched enterprise-class portfolio of cloud IT services”

Read Fancher’s Comstor post here and learn more about the Cisco Intercloud initiative here.

Comstor outlines its cloud initiatives and strategy here.


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