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What does it mean to “Own It”? At Comstor, we believe that owning it means helping our customers dream bigger and execute faster. At Cisco, the Americas Partner Organization (APO) led by Rick Snyder, Senior VP, believes owning the digital opportunity with customers is about teaming, planning and executing together from the beginning. Snyder recently wrote about what to expect this week at the Cisco Partner Summit in Dallas and how partners, APO and Cisco sales can own it together. Read Snyder’s excerpt from the Cisco Partner Blog below:


Rick Snyder, Senior VP, Americas Partner Organization, Cisco

In the Americas, we truly believe when partners, APO and Cisco sales are three teams working as one we have an unfair advantage allowing us all to OWN IT for our customers. This week we will delve deeper into how we can accomplish this together, but here’s a quick preview of what I’ll be focusing on with our partners during my Americas GEO session and 1-on-1 meetings:

  • Americas FY18 Priorities– Alison Gleeson, SVP, Americas Sales, will share how with our partners we can accelerate the Intuitive Network and deliver continuous customer value. She’ll highlight very compelling customer success stories where partners created, with us, tremendous unique value for customers.
  • The Power of 3– I will show when we truly unite as one team leveraging our unfair advantages, we blow away the competition. We will drive sales in security, networking and software – ultimately delivering successful business outcomes for our customers. Each of us may bring different roles to the table, but if we’re teaming, planning and executing together from the beginning, we will absolutely own the digital opportunity with our customers. I’ll share a true success story proving that with the Power of 3 everyone – including the customer – wins.
  • New Offers– As always, I will announce some exciting new offers that will help our partners capture specific opportunities to begin leveraging the Power of 3 and our unfair advantages. Be sure to follow up with your PAM for more details once the event ends.

As I’ve said before, the best part of my job is traveling to meet with so many amazing partners. I can’t tell you how much I learn listening to their feedback and gathering input and I look forward to doing so next week.

You can join Cisco Partner Summit virtually here, if you are unable to attend in person.