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Welcome to Las Vegas…land of hopes and dreams…bells and whistles…sure things and bad beats. A place where playing games is serious business…and where the poker face across the table conceals the secrets of the hand.

As Comstor prepares for the Cisco Partner Summit 2018 in this gambling mecca, we plan to cut through the mystery and intrigue and push our chips to the center of the table: Comstor is all in – and we mean business.

In a city where breaking rules is a rite of passage, we’re going to jump right in and break the biggest rule of all. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is probably sound advice for the common tourist, but Comstor is far from common. That said, we’re going to follow a different line of thinking, something more like: “What happens at Partner Summit is coming home with us!”

Why are we going against the grain? Well, Cisco puts on this grand global event to give us the tools and the information we need to get after it and rock the channel. At the same time, Partner Summit offers tremendous networking opportunities – and that’s where Comstor is prepared to cover its bets.

We plan to meet with as many partners as possible to learn how we can do more business with you. Tell us what you need and tell us what we can do to support your efforts. In exchange, we’re going to tell you about the powerful new suite of programs Comstor has to offer.

They’re called EDGE Progression Programs and they are the real deal when it comes to providing the support you need to grow your Cisco business profitably. We’ll also share the latest on the recent successes of SYNNEX and Comstor and how resellers can access the Cisco playbook.

Trust us, we’ve stacked the deck on this one. We look forward to a productive Summit and to some great conversation with our partners. Comstor is all in – you can bet on it.