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At the upcoming Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego, the company will spend some sharing how Cisco ONE is driving digitization and offering flexible ways for its customers to buy software for their wide area networks (WAN), access network and data centers.

We spoke to Reid Scrimgeour, Comstor’s Cisco ONE Practice Lead and Product Manager for Enterprise Network and Mobility, about the bundling of software and what it means to the industry.

Scrimgeour said that by bundling software licenses together, separate from hardware, Cisco is changing the way that business is being done.

“You used to lose licenses when hardware reached end of life,” Scrimgeour explained, “but with Cisco ONE, an enterprise can keep the software bundle in perpetuity. This is a game changer for the technology world because you own the software for life, and any new technology from Cisco R&D or acquisition is pushed automatically.”

He shared that Cisco ONE also offers an easier way for an enterprise to manage all of its licenses through Smart Accounts and says that both VARs and end users should have it to hold licenses because it provides visibility into what you have and what you may need.

“In the past, you received your licenses in paper or they were sent electronically to the order management team, not to the people in the field,” Scrimgeour said. “It took steps to load keys and make sure the software worked with a specific box. That is all eliminated through Cisco ONE and its Smart Accounts feature.”

Comstor will be at the Cisco Partner Summit to learn more about all of Cisco ONE’s products and services and will share more about them after the conference concludes.

To learn more about the Cisco Partner Summit, click here. #CiscoPS16

To listen to what Scrimgeour has to say about Cisco ONE and its features, listen to our interview here.