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A key part of being a reliable and valuable resource to Cisco end users is the ability for partners to understand the ins and outs of the broad array of Cisco solutions and their capabilities. Cisco is of the mind that partners should be able to maximize their product knowledge and how it best suits the needs of their unique customers through the application of the “Use It – Know It – Sell It” model. This model is exemplified in the Cisco Not for Resale (NRF) program.  

Cisco NFR provides marked discounts to partners on products and services used in non-revenue generating settings and for internal use, allowing them to become passionate experts about the products they are selling. To learn more about the Cisco NFR program, we connected with Gavin Critchlow, Product Business Manager for Cisco Collaboration at SYNNEX Comstor. Critchlow offered the inside scoop about ongoing Cisco NFR promotions in the collaboration arena and important reasons for why partners should be capitalizing on this resource.  

Here’s what he had to share: 

EDGE360 Editors: What are some of the ongoing Cisco NFR and other product promotions that partners should be aware of? 

Gavin Critchlow: First is the Webex Device Cloud Promotion for companies with hybrid work environments that have active Webex EA or Active User subscriptions. This is a Cisco Q4FY21 promotion offering aggressive discounts on specific endpoints, including the Webex Desk Camera, Webex Desk Pro, Room Kit Mini, and standard Room Kit along with Series 500 and 700 headsets. Most of the discounts are 50 percent off or more. Along the same lines is the Ignite the Midmarket promo, also offering up to 62 percent off on phones, Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE6K), and room video devices.  

The last one is a partner NFR promotion called Oslo-88 for Webex devices. Cisco wants partners to use it, know it, sell it, so are offering 80-95 percent discounts on video devices for internal use. This promotion fits with the Collaboration SaaS NFR, which essentially offers Webex subscriptions for free — an amazing offer our partners should be utilizing. 

EDGE360 Editors: Tell us about how the Cisco NFR program helps partners bolster their Cisco practice? 

Critchlow: It comes back to the “Use It – Know It – Sell It” model. This is self-explanatory, but it’s a beautiful model. This model allows us to offer Webex subscriptions for free to selling partners while also giving huge discounts on devices. As a result, this solution helps power the partner’s ability as an organization to collaborate and become a more effective business using Webex as a tool for their own infrastructure.  

It also teaches the engineers and admins how to provision the subscription, operate within the Webex Control Hub, add devices, utilize those devices, and understand the features and functionality that has been integrated into them, such as Webex Assistant for voice commands and transcription. This, in turn, makes our partners more resourceful, knowledgeable providers for their customers. I think this is so forward-thinking of Cisco and illustrates the company’s ability to see the big picture of their ecosystem.  

EDGE360 Editors: Any final thoughts or advice you’d like to impart on your partners around the Cisco NFR program? 

Critchlow: If you are a Cisco partner and we have not had a discussion before, you should reach out to me at to talk about our EDGE Collaboration program. I’d be happy to discuss the details around the Collaboration NFR program concerning eligibility and steps needed. My team focuses on partner enablement, so really one of my primary purposes in this role is to offer help and outline the steps required for the Cisco NFR and Incentive Programs. 

You can learn more about the Cisco Not For Resale program and ongoing incentives here