Cisco Marketing Velocity: Connecting with Customers Who Have an 9-Second Attention Span


In a few short days, the Comstor marketing team will be attending the Cisco Marketing Velocity event in Chicago. The team is excited and prepared to dive into the latest marketing trends, as well as new and innovative ways to reach targeted audiences. In today’s data-rich world, there often is a deluge of information that can be accessed within seconds, with just a click of a mouse. As a result of that deluge and the platforms upon which information is delivered, today’s customers have shorter attention spans and expect to receive information in 140 characters or less. Yet, even in this data-driven, social media- inundated world, there are still many new opportunities to connect, engage and grow.

With Cisco marketing leaders taking the initiative to educate their partners, there is no doubt that this upcoming exchange will help partners, including Comstor, stay ahead of the curve.  So what should partners expect at Marketing Velocity?


Michelle Chiantera, VP, Global Partner Marketing at Cisco, recently blogged about Cisco Marketing Velocity and gave us a sneak peak with two spoiler alerts for next week.

Be assured, during the event, we are focusing on relevant content that will help bring you closer to your customers and create tighter internal relationships within your company. Cisco CMO, Karen Walker, often says, “Goldfish have a longer attention span than customers.” If you’re curious, goldfish have a 9-second attention span. That’s 12.5 percent more than what you get from your customers.

Reaching customers at the right time on their terms is crucial. Figuring out how you do that is the direction marketing is going.

Spoiler Alert: This is just a small taste of what we are bringing to the event.

Audience profiles also are changing, and there are wholly new ways audiences consume media.

Two words: Digital Natives. They are real, and they will fundamentally change the way you approach marketing. I am not saying you should abandon traditional marketing methods, but you will need to change your approach.

Matthew Ingram, one of the Millennials on my team, shared some eye-opening insights in his blog on the changing customer landscape: “73 percent of millennials today are involved in their company’s product/service purchase decisions. As they get older, this percentage will only continue to increase – so all those ladder-climbing connections from my LinkedIn feed aren’t overachievers or anomalies, they’re just following the trend line.” This shift is huge and something you need to prepare for.

Spoiler Alert: Yes, you guessed it. Another topic du jour during the event. Prepping our partners to intercept a different type of audience and how to build that into planning.

Unable to attend?

For those of our readers not attending Cisco Marketing Velocity, the Comstor marketing team will be blogging live from the event, so check back on EDGE360 next week to learn about it here! Cisco also will be hosting the hands-on workshops through their On-the-Air webcast series. Don’t forget to follow the @PartnerVelocity handle, and get in the conversation using #mktgvelocity to share your own insights.


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