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Cisco Marketing Velocity is a chance for partners in the Cisco sphere to come together and learn what the future holds for digital marketing, and 2021 has been no exception. Tasked with the unprecedented growth of IT demands due to the ongoing remote work shift, the IT channel has never had so many equally challenging and rewarding pathways to success.

Marketing has become more important than ever in the digital age. Companies throughout the business world are working toward three simple, yet elusive goals: Agility, Relevance, and Profit. This was the theme from Cisco Marketing Velocity 2021, in empowering partners to be future-ready and successful.

As the IT channel emerges from the impact of a global pandemic, many lessons have been learned that are shaping the best practices of the future. It all comes down to making connections, even in our hybrid world. This approach is spurring innovation in everything – from creating digital and hybrid events to developing an agile working model, and embracing the technologies that will enable success in the future. That future will be defined by digital transformation.

The Future-Ready Marketer is Relevant

The work may be the same but how it is being done has changed dramatically. To be successful, marketers need to educate customers on the solutions that are already available to help them achieve success.  This is the crossroads where marketing and sales must connect and collaborate to become truly future-ready.

A future-ready marketer knows that the future is anything but certain. Being relevant requires an organization to get ahead of the curve and meet customers not where they are, but where they are going. By leveraging the insights from both marketing and sales teams, organizations can look ahead to the solutions that will help their customers in the long run.

The Future-Ready Marketer is Agile

Agility is crucial for identifying new opportunities. One lesson learned during the pandemic is that it is critical to pivot and stay agile in connecting with customers and understanding their needs.

In many cases, customers are still settling into their new normal and may not know their needs yet. Future-ready means that no matter what they need, partners are ready to guide customers on their digital transformation journey and provide expertise and insight.

While in-person events will return, hybrid models have created a new avenue for connecting with customers. To truly embrace the future, marketers must prepare to incorporate a digital component, whether that is through offering real-time workshops or on-demand sessions. Both have exceptional upsides and can help keep an organization relevant, which lies at the heart of any successful marketing campaign.

The Future Marketer Enhances Profitability

Future-ready marketers understand that differentiation is key to enhancing profitability. They know that they must embrace digital marketing to connect with their customers, capture insights, and leverage those insights to deliver value-added solutions.

Through ongoing digital content and education efforts that support customers where they are on their journey, successful organizations will unlock the door to profitability and create unique value across the lifecycle of the relationship.

By using hybrid strategies, offering innovative solutions, and utilizing the increased digital interactions, marketers will see their campaign launch with unapparelled velocity.

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