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With the end of the Cisco fiscal year approaching, Cisco partners are taking a hard look at their businesses and thinking critically about how to optimize sales and growth for the next year. We connected with Jayson Lee, Partner Community Manager, Digital Lifecycle Journeys at Cisco, about the Lifecycle Advantage (LCA) program and how it equips partners with insights and automation to drive retention and growth for their respective Cisco businesses. Insights gleaned from this program can shed invaluable light on a growing, evolving practice.  

Here’s what Lee had to share with Cisco partners as they make decisions about the future of their practice and how LCA can help with that process: 

EDGE360 Editors: How has Lifecycle Advantage evolved this past year? 

Jayson Lee: Success Program Insights (SPI), new to Lifecycle Advantage, gives partners the information they need to lead their customers through the lifecycle and help them scale their customer success practices. With the new SPI Module, partners can determine which customers receive co-branded emails at an account or use case level. Partners can see where customers are in their lifecycle journey, identify stalled customers and find playbooks to help  customers move through their journeys. The new SPI module gives partners deep insights into their customers and can be a real gamechanger.  

On May 4, 2021, Cisco held a SuccessTalk officially launching SPI and providing an in-depth demonstration. If you would like more information, you can find a recording of the Success Talk at

EDGE360 Editors: Are there any upcoming events or webinars where attendees can learn more about Lifecycle Advantage? 

Lee: At Cisco, the Digital Partner Community Managers deliver monthly webinars focused on helping new partners onboard to LCA and get the most out of the platform. You can find out more information at our dedicated Partner Lifecycle Advantage Community at

Speaking of the Digital Partner Community Managers, partners don’t have to wait for a webinar to learn more about Lifecycle Advantage. As the dedicated SYNNEX Comstor Digital partner Community Manager, I’m happy to schedule a one-on-one session and offer deep dives into any aspects of Lifecycle Advantage for our partners. You can schedule a 1:1 session here.  

EDGE360 Editors: Sum up Lifecycle Advantage’s mission for us. 

Lee: Growth. Renewals. Customer Success. Scale. Automation. We’re all about modernizing how your Cisco practice operates through the power of analytics.  

EDGE360 Editors: Anything else you’d like to add? 

Lee: With the end of the fiscal year, we’re focused on the unique features of Lifecycle Advantage that could be game-changers for our partners’ businesses and how it can set them up for success next year. With Commerce Automation, the SPI Module, Co-Branded messaging and more, Lifecycle Advantage can position your team for increased revenue and renewals, this year and beyond.