Cisco Intersight SaaS Cloud Platform Automates IT Channel Lifecycle Management


In the increasingly ubiquitous hybrid work environment, a hefty burden is placed on IT teams to manage and maintain workplace normalcy and security in any given location. While it’s a necessary pivot for IT professionals, many still struggle with the decentralization of the IT department and the challenges that come with a disparate workforce. In response to these challenges facing the Cisco community, Cisco Intersight has become a crucial tool for Cisco partners and customers.

Cisco Intersight is a cloud operations platform that offers benefits like SaaS delivery, full lifecycle management to all Unified Computing Systems (UCS), and HyperFlex, including the new Cisco UCS X-Series and HyperFlex Edge. As a result, the program delivers immense visibility and optimization across multiple clouds to operations teams largely driven by the embrace of automation.

“Intersight is the conductor for the Cisco compute systems management and automation orchestra,” explained David Nentarz, Systems Architect at Cisco, in a recent interview with EDGE360. “Watching this Cisco Innovation come together over the past six years has been nothing short of amazing. Cloud-delivered management solutions like Meraki and Cisco Intersight are resonating with customers and partners alike. The simplicity and scale are always built in, but not what necessarily jumps out at you when considering a solution.”

Nentarz has seen first-hand how Cisco Intersight tackles glaring data center challenges that face IT leaders every day, and now with the added layer of accommodating remote and hybrid workforces. Nentarz pointed to more simplified operations, streamlined day-to-day tasks, faster response times, and greater program visibility, all powered by automation via Cisco Intersight.

To demonstrate the breadth of challenges that this solution addresses, Nentarz offered an overview of some of the key functionalities of Cisco Intersight:

  • Intersight Workload Optimizer – This function maps any application to infrastructure, including bare metal workloads, VMs, containers, and public cloud PaaS architectures. This allows for real-time diagnosis and remediation of application fault, efficiency, and performance.
  • Intersight Cloud Orchestrator – This is an easy-to-use, low-code orchestrator that allows users to provision and orchestrate infrastructure and workloads across private and public cloud without coding skills.
  • Intersight Workload Engine – This is an all-in-one, hyperconverged, enterprise-grade, highly available platform with an integrated hypervisor and host-clustering software. It runs VMs, containers, and bare metal Kubernetes workloads simultaneously on the same infrastructure.
  • Intersight Service for HashiCorp Terraform – This service allows the DevOps teams to simplify the adoption of IaC automation on premises with HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Business.
  • Intersight Kubernetes Service – This is a simple management service for creating Kubernetes clusters across edge, datacenters, or public clouds.
  • Integration with Cisco Service Mesh Manager – This enables broad observability and convenient management of modern container-based applications with policies and security.

“Clearly, there are tremendous benefits for customers that are modernizing their infrastructure and leveraging public clouds,” Nentarz concluded. “Cisco and SYNNEX Comstor are ‘all-in’ when it comes to supporting the customer journey with Cisco Intersight, as well as our partners’ profitability.”

Interested in learning more about how Cisco Intersight can empower your IT team in a hybrid work environment? Reach out to the SYNNEX Comstor team here.


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