Best Managed Marketing Campaign of 2019


Digital marketing campaigns come and go for many companies in the IT space, but some managed marketing campaigns truly stand out for our partners and push their brand awareness to the next level.

Comstor’s Managed Marketing program provides much-needed marketing support to partners, from telemarketing lead generation and email nurture campaigns, to social media channel feeds. Our partners have access to experts in every aspect of the Cisco portfolio to help them build their marketing strategy and execute tactics.

One such partner recently supported by Comstor Managed Marketing is a provider of IT solutions for assisted and senior living, healthcare and life sciences, and commercial and workplace environments. The company is based in Southern California and brings more than three decades of experience to the marketplace.

This partner’s focus for 2019 was to expand into a new region – Arizona. Initially they hired an experienced sales/account representative for the area, but they did not have a pipeline built out for the rep to pursue. They also did not have a marketing program in place to generate leads.

By participating in Comstor’s Managed Marketing program, the partner was able to access a list of new potential customers in the Arizona region. They then utilized the list to send an introductory email and begin to build brand awareness. They followed up with a secondary message that showcased a video case study to entice the new prospects to work with them on future deals.

In collaboration with the email nurture campaign, the partner participated in a regional conference. This provided them with a list of registrants, thus providing an invaluable opportunity to reach out directly to the attendees. They invited them to stop by their booth or schedule a meeting ahead of the event and earn a Starbucks Gift Card.

As a result of this Managed Marketing campaign, the partner garnered $500,000 worth of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in the Arizona region and booked five appointments with potential customers.

Comstor’s program continues to feed the partner’s pipeline in both their new region and their traditional regions. By continually promoting their brand, their customers will come to see them as a trusted partner in future opportunities. As we look back at 2019, this program was a standout and our team is excited to work with more of our partners in 2020 to deliver on future managed marketing campaigns.


  • Nichole Perkins

    Nichole Perkins is a Marketing Specialist with Comstor and offers 10+ years of marketing experience in a range of industries as well as a master’s degree in PR & Marketing from the University of Denver. Her current specializations include social media marketing, managed marketing program management, budget management, and various event sponsorships.

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