Federal Business Partners

Choose Federal Business Partners Carefully

Does the deal that a new federal business partner just brought to you for federal fiscal year-end seem too good to be true? It probably is. A lot of business gets done this time of year, but sometimes by companies operating on…

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federal marketing

Is Your Federal Marketing Message Reaching Your Customers?

A recent survey of federal buyers shows that prospects will visit your website when conducting market research. They also look at e-newsletters your company sends out, as well as sponsored articles. The bottom line? Your prospective buyers are looking for content and…

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Government Contractors

Government Contractors Re-competes Down, Competition Up? Survey Says: Maybe

Incumbent government contractors won re-competes only 54% of the time in Government Fiscal Year (GFY) 2016, according to the results of a new Grant Thornton survey. That’s a significant decline from 2015, when the incumbent win-rate was 75%. Although Grant Thornton officials…

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Dear Small Government Contractor, What is Your Five Year Plan?

For all the small government contractors out there, ask yourself this question: What is your 5-year plan? “It’s all in my head” isn’t the best response and is rarely comforting to people who feel stressed, and it’s not a great business strategy. While…

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Avoid Distractions of FY’18 Federal Budget and Close Business Today

What will the FY’18 federal budget look like?  What will its impact be on your federal business? Despite reams of paper being devoted to this topic, here’s the real bottom line: No one really knows. The Trump budget was deader than a…

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How to Lose 50% of Your Federal Business and Increase Your Expenses at the Same Time

Sometimes it’s not about the new client or revenue source, but rather about protecting what you already have – your current federal business. You can, quite literally, lose half of your business and increase your expenses through failure to pay attention to…

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5 Questions to Ask to Ensure a Smooth Federal IT Acquisition

The Request for Information (RFI) is on your desk waiting for a reply. You’re working up the energy to respond with all of the advantages your firm has to offer and why your approach is the best. Typical RFI responses are not…

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federal IT market

Two Factors Shaping the Federal IT Market & Their Impact on Your Business

There are two important factors shaping your federal IT market right now.  The first is based on discussions with several contractors who can’t understand why their businesses aren’t growing.  The second reveals what may be on your customers’ mind.  Both are important…

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Federal IT Spending: The Expected and Unexpected

Defense, Healthcare, Cyber, and Immigration are the four big federal IT spending areas to watch for the remainder of this year and into next, according to Deltek federal IT budget expert, Kevin Plexico. While many federal IT companies already focus on defense…

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FY’17 Federal IT Spending – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Although the details of federal IT spending and budget plans have yet to be finalized, a general picture of what the rest of Government Fiscal Year (GFY) 2017 will look like is emerging. There is good news, not so good news, and…

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