Enterprise IT

The Value of Varnex: Leveling the Playing Field for SMB Leaders Who Need Access to Enterprise IT Solutions

Leveling the playing field for the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) owners and value-added resellers (VARs) is imperative in today’s digitized world. As I shared in my previous post, SMBs need simple, yet need SMB sized yet enterprise-class IT solutions to compete…

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IT Solutions

The Real Needs of Today’s SMB VARs Who Don’t Have a Bag of Cash Sitting Around for IT Solutions

As I noted in my previous post, the Small Business Administration (SBA), estimates that 66% of small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and leaders are responsible for everything in their businesses, from operations and finance to sales, marketing, human resources, and customer…

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SMBs Have Enterprise-Sized Needs. Are you Ready to Sell to Them?

Many of us think that it is the big companies like Cisco, IBM, WalMart, Apple, Disney and others that drive our economy. The reality, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), is that small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make up 99.7…

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Recruiting Filters

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Recruiting Filters Don’t Understand Character, Intelligence and Drive

The use of recruiting filters is understandable given the number of candidates that may respond to a company’s online job announcements. Unfortunately, in the high-tech sector, many companies have abandoned the art of recruiting and are relying too heavily on automated systems…

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Building relationships at the C-Suite

Are you Building Relationships at the C-Suite?

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of evaluating long-lasting relationships and avoiding the unintended consequences that occur when you fail to evaluate, evolve and deliver ongoing value. In any business, it is critical to have the tools for building…

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customer relationships

The Power and Unintended Consequences of Relationship Selling

We all want to create strong and lasting relationships with our customers. Not only do they give you access to the right people and information you can use to become a better business partner, but also – frankly – it’s hard to…

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Cisco Partner Summit: Trusted Partnerships are Key to Tapping into Successful Shift to Digitization

At the kickoff of this year’s Cisco Partner Summit in San Francisco, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins spoke about “Unlocking the Digital Economy,” saying that technology has never moved faster in history. During his presentation about digital transformation and the opportunities…

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Cisco Partner Summit Day 1: Security, Digitization and Cloud

The Cisco Partner Summit #CiscoPS16 in San Diego is off to a strong start with great strategic vision that will benefit Comstor and our partners. In my pre-Summit post, I predicted that security and the hyper-converged data center would be hot topics…

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Cisco’s Intercloud Offers Access to Unmatched Enterprise-Class Portfolio of Cloud IT Services 1

Cisco Partner Summit: Security & Data Center Make My Spidey Senses Tingle

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s kick off of the Cisco Partner Summit (#ciscops16) in San Diego, which kicks off tomorrow. Every year before the Summit begins, I feel I can confidently predict items that are going to be rolled out, as…

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Shake Off the ‘I’m Not Worthy’ Mindset and Learn When to Say ‘No’ to Your Customer

Every salesperson knows it can be hard to say no to a customer who is chipping away and pushing for a lower price. We can get emotionally attached to the deal and are scared to say no, because we don’t want to…

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