As Americans Continue to Navigate the “New Norm,” IT Innovations are Connecting, Engaging, and Benefitting All


While the world has changed in swift and unexpected ways over the past couple of years, people and businesses have had to make innumerable adjustments to fit the “new normal.” There have been challenges, but there have been just as many IT innovations, revolutionary ideas, and tools that have had positive impacts on peoples’ lives. And not just new, but existing products, programs, and ideas, like Cisco Meraki, Cisco Refresh, and the TD SYNNEX EDGE Progression Programs, have also become even more relevant and beneficial to the average customer. 

In this roundup, we will examine four of the most-read EDGE360 blogs, all of which deal with the IT innovations, platforms, tools, and ideas that are shaping the way distributors and customers work and live.

Meraki Ed-Vantage Incentives Help K-12 and Public Library Customers Adjust to Remote and Hybrid Learning
Feeling an immediate and adverse impact from the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, educators, school districts, and policymakers across the country sought solutions for effective remote learning capabilities. The initial months were spent accumulating and distributing necessary technological resources to every student in America – from those in large, connected cities to those in isolated, rural areas. 

Cisco Meraki has played a substantial role recently, and even before the seismic shift to remote learning, in helping school systems manage and monitor large networks in one location. Following the arduous 2020 and 2021 school years, Meraki Ed-Vantage incentives were available for partners to reward their K-12 and public library customers through discounts and other incentives. Ezequiel Rios, Product Business Manager for Cisco Meraki at TD SYNNEX, explained, “It is important that our partners know that their education customers are still trying to adjust to the new normal that is still evolving in this pandemic.” 

Read more about how Meraki enables efficient and effective network management for schools and districts and 2021’s Ed-Vantage incentives here.

On the (Cutting) Edge of IT: How the EDGE Progression Programs Help Empower Successful Distribution Partners
As new IT innovations continue to evolve daily, it’s vital for distributors to have a solid grasp and understanding of the industry and any changes, and to have the support to help navigate the technology, certifications, and everything else involved. The TD SYNNEX EDGE Progression Programs ensure distributors are set up for success through education, and resources focused on Collaboration, Security, Data Center, Meraki, and Enterprise Networking.

The programs consist of “account managers, technical sales team engineers, and service teams, which are an extension of your own company,” according to Gavin Critchlow, Product Business Manager for Cisco Collaboration at TD SYNNEX. This support staff works closely with distribution partners to help with certifications, training, specializations, and whatever else a partner needs to grow and flourish.

Watch videos to hear more from TD SYNNEX Business Managers on Collaboration, Security, Data Centers, Meraki, and Enterprise Networking here.

Offering a Renewed Life to Old Products through Remanufacturing
The goal of any distributor is to increase not only their profits and efficiency but also that of their customers through new IT innovations. Cisco Refresh creates that opportunity in an environmentally friendly way. Through several internal and external sources, Cisco receives old products that are then either recycled or refurbished via a comprehensive and proprietary remanufacturing process. After this thorough process, the products are as close to new as possible and eligible for the same warranty and support available for new products.

Having the ability to sell quality products with full warranties and support options at a fraction of the price benefits the distributor because of the flexibility it affords customers. In today’s volatile market, companies are increasingly looking at ways to cut back expenses without compromising their core mission or the quality of their offerings. Cisco Refresh presents this opportunity.

Brett Lacourse, Cisco Refresh Account Manager, answers questions and explains more about the benefits and information partners need to know here.

Cisco NET Pricing Simplifies Ordering and Provides Greater Visibility
In March 2021, Cisco Distribution and Cisco Channel Partners were first introduced to the new NET Pricing system. The rollout was slow, and at that time TD SYNNEX was one of the first to make the switch and fully start utilizing the new system. Embracing the new system early on allowed TD SYNNEX to air out some of the initial glitches before Cisco’s year-end. Over a year later the NET pricing system continues to allow distributors a smoother, more transparent experience when placing orders.

Read more about how TD SYNNEX is facilitating the implementation of Cisco NET Pricing and leading to seamless ordering for partners, click here.


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