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The Cisco fiscal year-end is fast approaching, and many VARs and partners are working to make the most of the last few weeks. Until the end of July, Cisco ecosystems are busy finding deals, some of which are larger than what may come throughout the entire previous year. When working in this mindset, all sides of the IT channel need to work together to cross the finish line.

Knowing what tools are in your toolbox is critical during this race to the finish. As part of EDGE360’s commitment to providing VARs and Cisco Partners with the info they need to succeed in building a profitable Cisco practice, we are looking back on the best advice from 2020’s Cisco fiscal year-end. From the SYNNEX Comstor Field Sales Team to the Sales Director of SYNNEX Comstor, there is a plethora of advice that can help partners finish the year strong.

Dan Forbes, Senior Director of Field Sales at SYNNEX Comstor

Dan Forbes spoke with EDGE360 at the close of last year’s fiscal year and shared his insights on how to close out strong. “July has always been a very busy month for Cisco, and we tend to see things that don’t really occur at any other point throughout the year. Oftentimes, deals materialize, and opportunities are created that we didn’t see on the horizon.”

Forbes laid out several best practices to ensure that partners can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of their disti-partners. “Open the communications lines early, connect with inside sales and outside sales reps, give access to all materials needed for the order, and put your account manager on speed dial.”

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Marty Baldwin, Sales Director for SYNNEX Comstor

SYNNEX Comstor

For VARs looking to connect with a distribution partner but unsure of where to start, Marty Baldwin has the answers. “If a reseller doesn’t know their rep, they can get in touch with me!” Inside Sales is a “one-stop-shop that is here to help grow your Cisco business profitably and can provide pricing, quoting, ordering, deal registration, SMARTnet renewal management, inventory position, project rollouts, prebuys, and product knowledge.”

Baldwin’s advice for the Cisco fiscal year-end is to “start talking to your inside sales rep early,” so they can help ensure everything goes smoothly. “Year-end activity will be at a fever pitch by the second week in July, so get in contact with me and my team as soon as you can.”

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Shawn Motley, Director of Cisco Product Business Management at SYNNEX Comstor


Shawn Motley knows what it takes to succeed in the chaotic Cisco fiscal year-end. As the director of the Cisco Product Business Management team, Motley has seen busy Cisco fiscal year ends, but he and his team have guided many partners and VARs to success despite the hectic nature.

“We are here for our partners,” Motley began. “With many orders being placed in the last minute, SYNNEX Comstor team has extended hours to ensure that deals go through.” Knowing that SYNNEX Comstor is there to help whenever needed, along with engaging with the education opportunities Motley and his team create, is a sure-fire way to enter the Cisco fiscal year-end on the best footing possible.

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The SYNNEX Comstor Field Sales Team

We spoke with the 10-person field sales team last year and uncovered many gems of useful advice. Every member of this team offers his or her unique skillset and experience to provide partners with what they need to end the year with a bang.

These team members offered up 10 pieces of advice, but they ultimately focused on a single theme: “Take advantage of the resources at your disposal.” Though this may be a time of considerable stress for many, and it may seem like an extra step to engage with SYNNEX Comstor during the eleventh hour, its field sales team is here to help shoulder those year-end challenges as experienced industry veterans who know how to help build a thriving Cisco practice.

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