‘All In’ Keynote at Cisco Live! 2022 Touches on Timely Trends, Triumphs, and Tactics with Cisco Leaders


Being “All In” at this year’s Cisco Live! is much more than just a catchphrase, it’s a way of supporting customers and adding value to their lives. Technology connects people around the world to collaborate on ideas, projects, and innovations.

Over the past couple of years, it has transformed healthcare, education, and just about every industry in the private and public sectors. During the Cisco Live! ‘All In’ keynote, Cisco leaders touched on many of the shifts we’ve seen as well as the impact their partners have by delivering more than just products but connection, life-saving capabilities, knowledge, and all that technology provides.

Key Trends and Methods Cisco Partners Can Use to Add Value to Customers’ Lives
The implications of cybersecurity attacks can be felt far and wide, affecting people all over the world and impacting every industry. Using technology, malicious agents have the power to steer warfare, disrupt powerlines, infiltrate water supply lines, and more.

Advancements in both cybersecurity and cyber threats have led to three key trends Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM, Security and Collaboration, Cisco, is noticing and focusing security efforts on moving forward.

The first trend is that businesses are competing as ecosystems where every single person is being impacted by what our customers, suppliers, and partners are doing, causing a need to protect not only ourselves but also the entire ecosystem. Following along those lines, everyone is now an insider with more interaction taking place outside of networks; the concern comes with how to protect yourself during these interactions.

Finally, hybrid work is here to stay, and it is crucial to figure out how to protect individuals, data, and organizations that are no longer in one set, secure location. Through an understanding of current trends and supporting customers’ growths and changes, distribution partners can enhance security measures and add value to customers’ lives.

Providing a Powerful and Simple IT Experience Without Compromise
“Tomorrow is going to be predictably unpredictable,” Todd Nightingale, EVP and GM, Enterprise Network and Cloud, Cisco, recognized during the keynote. The world is changing fast and in many ways, from changes in cyber threats to changes in the pandemic and social unrest. A considerable part of these changes is technology and the role it plays in every aspect of life.

Although the technology itself is gaining the capabilities to complete complex tasks, Nightingale emphasized that the burden of complexity can no longer be put on IT users. A huge push recently, and something likely to continue into the future, is the focus on simplicity without compromising power or sophistication.

To distribution partners, Nightingale said, “Cisco delivers simplified. You deliver unified user experiences.” The key is being all in to support providing a simple user experience to the benefit of all customers.

Enhancing Mass-Scale Infrastructure Capabilities Through Technology
Cisco’s Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, the largest and most sophisticated network in the world, transforms networking for the benefit of hyperscalers, service providers, public sector agencies, and enterprises. Customers like Ford Motors benefit from the technology that allows real-time data to help drive innovation.

Cities can use this same instantaneous data to alert citizens of road issues and let leaders know of these issues so recurrent problems can be addressed. Jonathon Davidson, EVP and GM, Cisco Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, and Cisco, applauded the value that comes from IT and operational teams coming together to drive outcomes.

The technology that Cisco partners deliver to our customers daily is helping people worldwide learn, create, experience, and connect. Although the future may not be predictable, it’s an exciting time to be “all in.” But one key point leaders reiterated throughout the conference is that “all in” doesn’t mean you’re going in alone.

Cisco has the resources to help partners deliver transformative technology efficiently and effectively. In the end, it’s about being “all in” for our customers.

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