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There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is facing a major change in its delivery model based on emerging technologies, collaboration tools, telemedicine and the overall digitization of the industry. Healthcare IT is helping improve patient care, manage health, deliver cost effective care, secure patient data and drive operational effectiveness, among many other benefits. Moreover, we see the growth of this market as a major opportunity.

2015 was an epic year for Comstor Healthcare sales. In fact, we exceeded our fiscal year 2015 goals in healthcare for the first half of the fiscal year by concentrating on our traditional core strengths – routers, hubs, wireless and security – for this sector. Rather than trying to find a specialization in Oncology, Geriatrics or every nook and cranny of the healthcare world, we focused on the solutions that today’s digital healthcare infrastructure and support needs.

At Comstor, our solutions focus on facilities of 300 beds or smaller, and our healthcare lead program has proven to be a great tool for our partners to use. Nicholas Coperine, who manages the Comstor Lead Program, tailors weekly lead packages according to the individual needs of each reseller.

The growth of this market is still only in its beginning stages of evolution to the digital healthcare delivery. There are still many challenges to overcome. IDC recently predicted many top health IT concerns including cybersecurity, care coordination and patient engagement, which will spur new IT approaches to improving care, access and efficiency.  A data driven strategy is necessary for the future. For us, this means that as we head into 2016, the key focus in healthcare will be telemedicine, because the main obstacles to it are poised to be corrected. For example, while the technology has been available, the hindrance to using it has been on the administration of delivering medicine across state lines. Since not all states honor nor reciprocate in recognizing out of state medical credentials, there has been reticence to adopting telemedicine offering. If this changes, as we anticipate it will in 2016, you will see a large increase in telemedicine delivery devices.

For more information about the Comstor Healthcare lead program, visit rsheps@westcon.com.