A Journey to Build Trust and Security into Business


As part of our National Cyber Security Awareness Month (#NCSAM; #CyberAware) series on EDGE360, we are helping our partners and IT resellers gain a better handle on cyber security best practices. With customers facing attacks and breaches so frequently, it’s not only about putting the right products in place, but also about focusing on making security discussions a part of our day to day business conduct.

According to Anthony Grieco, Principle Engineer and Director of the Security and Trust Organization, Cisco follows a holistic cyber security approach. Trust and transparency are at the core of an organization’s initiatives because it is critical to the success of customer and partner relationships.
Embracing what is core to NCSAM, Cisco has made security a “shared responsibility,” which is a part of their quest to build trust and security into every aspect of the business and the culture of the workplace.

According to this recent post from Grieco:

“The rapid evolution of the threat landscape has made this trust journey a necessity. Exploits are more frequent, better financed, more sophisticated and are causing more damage. Technology shifts like mobility and BYOD are the new normal and have resulted in more points of access for malware, resulting in a larger attack surface. In order to be more effective against the broad range of security threats, the industry must focus on foundational security being present in critical systems. By ensuring that trustworthiness is built into the technology, processes and policies involved in your IT systems, you can reduce risk and the attack surface while enabling more effective overall security.”

The approach starts with building security into products and services but delves even deeper than that. It includes building trustworthy systems, securing the value chain, building out security architecture, protecting data, securing cloud offerings, and embracing transparency.

Embracing Cisco’s journey of trust and security requires partner and reseller participation. Together, security and trust become a “shared responsibility” that will only better our business and our business relationships.

Want to learn more? Read Grieco’s full blog post here.


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