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I have had my house broken into, my credit card ghosted and my email hacked. This in no way means I know anything more than you about security, but I will tell you without pause that it has changed the way I manage my personal security.

Do you think that major retail chains re-evaluated their security after Target was targeted last year, or that major corporations assessed their own security after the infamous Sony hack?

If they haven’t, they are foolhardy, and likely the next to make CNN headlines.

These attacks changed the way companies manage their security – in the same way that I have taken new steps in my personal life to better secure my property.

I don’t profess to have a depth of experience in network cybersecurity – but I’d have to live under a rock to not realize that companies of all sizes are concerned about their data, yet still want to maintain access to data for staff inside and outside of the network domain. They are dying for someone to help them be the most secure they can be…and also to help them quickly mitigate those situations in which their security falls short.

Yet, from catastrophe comes opportunity.

In a world where everything is (or will be) connected – aka the Internet of everything – everything has to be secure. Everything. Target was hacked through their HVAC system!

If you do not have a security practice, or at the very least, have a dynamic value partner (DVP) that compliments you with their security practice, you are leaving the door open for someone else to take over and you are missing out on what can be one of the most profitable practices within your business.

If your organization has ever entertained the idea of developing a security practice, the time to act is now.

Manufacturers are anxious to help the partner community build expertise and develop solutions to address this explosive market. Consider this:

• There is no vertical where cybersecurity isn’t applicable
• There is no architecture that is immune to security setbacks
• There is no geographic location that is in a risk-free zone

Additionally, this opportunity spans product, professional services, and ongoing maintenance and managed services.

When was the last time your business had an opportunity to build a limitless practice across any customer base– anywhere in the country, regardless of the technology they utilized – and provided you with the ability to make money across every solution you offer?

If what I’m telling you seems obvious, it’s because it is. So why haven’t you started building your security practice?

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