5 Tips for Cisco Partners Looking to Accelerate the IoT Journey in 2020 and Beyond


The Internet of Things (IoT), has quickly moved from a concept to reality and the transformation is impacting businesses of all sizes. From connected buildings and connected cars, to smart cities, IoT is set to reach 50 million devices by the end of this year alone. This opens the door of possibilities for Cisco partners looking to build their IoT business. And to capture the opportunities that lay ahead, VARs need to start the journey now.

Andres Ruiz, senior business development manager for Cisco’s Global Partner Organization, recently offered tips for Cisco partners looking to embark upon this IoT journey and accelerate their business in 2020 and beyond. Here are a few of the tips that he suggested for VARs:

Identify Opportunities Early

According to Ruiz, many customers and prospects are looking to connect devices in difficult conditions, such as outdoors, extreme temperatures, or uncontrolled environments. In these cases, Ruiz suggested that Cisco’s ruggedized portfolio can address these challenges. It’s just a matter of talking with customer contacts and asking the right questions.

Anticipate Possible Obstacles

Ruiz recommended reaching out to technical teams inside your customer base and asking about the core business problems they are facing today and in the future. “You will find that there is an IoT opportunity somewhere in the answer,” Ruiz promised.

Focus on Critical Customer Operations

Operations is at the core of many IoT opportunities. “Open the door beyond IT,” Ruiz suggested. Operations people don’t care about the network, but they do care about operations and that is where the opportunities are.

Expand Your IoT Enablement; Become an IoT Authorized Partner

Ruiz recommends that partners take the IoT Essential training and newly launched IoT Advantage training to be better prepared along the IoT journey. Many of these trainings are available throughout the year, according to Ruiz.

Use the Cisco Toolbox

Cisco puts a significant resource into providing tools for the Cisco Partner community. From trainings and webinars, to use cases and much more. Ruiz advises partners to put Cisco’s tools to work. Access Cisco’s SalesConnect portal to access materials. “Turn your IoT Authorization into a competitive advantage by leveraging IoT Ignite benefits,” Ruiz concluded. 

Read Ruiz’s other tips on accelerating your IoT business here.


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