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In times of disruption and change, we’ve learned some big lessons during the global pandemic. One of those lessons is how technology can bring us together when typical interactions are limited. This has been especially critical as world health organizations, medical researchers, and pharmaceutical companies have joined to collaborate and develop vaccines to combat COVID-19.

Now that vaccines have been developed, there are also challenges of distribution, including limited availability, complex storage, transportation, and more. Jim Walsh, Senior Vice President of Growth Marketing at Cisco, notes that technology is playing a unique role in addressing these challenges and “building bridges between the government agencies in charge of the vaccination effort, retail pharmacies and healthcare organizations administering the vaccines, and the communities who need them.”

In a recent post, Walsh outlines three ways that Cisco technology is addressing the challenges of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Communications and Collaboration

Walsh highlights Cisco Webex and Webex Contact Center as communications and access solutions that enable better patient access, better care, and administrative collaboration. By leveraging these tools, Cisco is also offering a comprehensive means for stakeholders to “efficiently scale their efforts to address increased volume and equitable access to critical information and services.”

Anywhere Access to Field Operations and Administration

As government and health organizations are mobilizing to respond to community vaccination needs, they require anytime, anywhere access to IT infrastructure and applications — securely. From WiFi to analytics, video, collaboration, and cloud services, Cisco technology is being used to set up field hospitals, mobile clinics, and improve citizen experiences. 

Security and Application Performance

Cisco is “ensuring the safety, security, privacy, performance, and compliance necessary for organizations to successfully administer vaccines and operate efficiently around the clock,” Walsh points out. Cisco offers innovative security and application performance tools, including cloud-enabled security, application monitoring and management, and more.

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