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For everything the year brought, 2022 is finally over and 2023 has officially begun. At the end of last year, we had the privilege of sitting down to review the year with two of TD SYNNEX’s outstanding leaders: Shawn Motley, Director of Cisco Product Business Management, and Ezequiel Rios, Manager of Cisco Product Business Management. To kick off the new year, we were able to catch up with Motley and Rios to hear their thoughts and expectations for the next 12 months in a 2023 preview. Spoiler alert: the expectations, as well as the opportunities, are high.

As we look ahead to the next year, partners can expect to see some of the same themes and focus areas expanding to meet new customer needs. In 2023, companies that quickly moved to remote work and implemented makeshift processes will seek more permanent solutions to support hybrid workplaces. “Cisco has one of the best and most comprehensive end-to-end solutions for hybrid work, and this will be a big trend this coming year,” said Rios. With this emphasis on hybrid work, a heavy focus will be on security.

“TD SYNNEX is prioritizing security as our main approach for our VARs, doing trade shows around the country, training our internal teams and our partners, creating useful content, and focusing on security specific for different solutions,” explained Rios. Motley added that while hybrid solutions, network transformations, and end-to-end security will continue to be important this year, a heavier concentration will be placed on network visibility. Customers are seeking to move from reactive to proactive models to gain a clearer picture of their networks, and full stack observability can help them accomplish this. Solutions such as Cisco AppDynamics and ThousandEyes can expect to gain popularity because of the visibility and security they provide customers.

Furthermore, innovative technologies and solutions will have a greater impact this year. Automation continues to gain traction as businesses find more ways to use AI to increase productivity. “Autonomous systems will continue to be refined and deployed in vehicles, manufacturing floors, warehouses, and beyond,” said Motley. A large focus has already been placed on IoT, with TD SYNNEX recently sponsoring the Indy Autonomous Challenge, showcasing fully autonomous Indy style cars racing at the Texas Motor Speedway. In addition, VR training offerings are available to help partners understand the solutions used to create autonomous processes and deployment without incurring travel costs.

Building on the progress and change from the past few years, Motley and Rios see 2023 as a year full of growth and opportunity. “2023 will be an exciting year as the TD SYNNEX teams continue to create new – and enhance existing – offers to simplify Cisco for our partners,” said Motley. As part of the relaunch of the EDGE program, Rios shared how partners will be even more supported and set up for success through self-service features and a convenient new app. With partners adapting to new customer needs and partners’ challenges continuing to be heard across the channel, the year ahead will see improvements and changes to processes and resources.

Although we can’t guarantee that the next year won’t be without challenges, Motley and Rios are more than optimistic about what’s in store for 2023. Motley concluded, “TD SYNNEX and the EDGE team are ready to help Cisco partners understand new Cisco solutions and find new opportunities to make 2023 a great year!”

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