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In an age of Internet of Everything (IoE), VARs need a strong focus on digital network architectures that are reliable, flexible, and secure, according to Dan Forbes, Comstor Director of Business Development. Recently, Dan sat down with us for a podcast on EDGE360 and shared his 2017 outlook, which focused on refreshing networks, securing networks and much more.

“My day involves talking with companies that have made the journey into a digital environment,” he said, “and the concept of refresh to get Digital Ready is on everyone’s mind.

“Refresh is making sure that the network is ready and capable for that type of movement toward digital- based content. It helps us build a funnel and lays the foundation for other types of conversations. If you are helping a customer build and expand their network that will get them into this digital world of tomorrow, those conversations can blossom into other opportunities.”

To be fully prepared to help customers, Forbes said that Comstor partners must understand how to create true network security in today’s IoE environment.

“Risks are growing – both hacks and inherent security risks,” Forbes said. “When you are connecting things that have never been connected to the network before, security becomes fundamental to moving information into a public domain.

“This year will offer the opportunity to drive meaningful growth in security, and the Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) is an important program, because it helps partners quickly grasp the concepts that are important around security. It isn’t about selling a box. It is around including technology, people, processes and facilities into a really robust security defense strategy.”

In addition, Forbes discussed cloud, where VARs should invest in 2017 and the importance of Dynamic Value Partnerships with EDGE360.

Listen to Forbes’ looking forward to 2017 below.